Death Priestxing:
Tending the Threshold of Transition

Way of the Weaver

Online Module (Sept - Dec 2022)

Curriculum & Dates

Death Priestxing: Tending the Threshold of Transition
Sept 12-Dec 5, 2022

The Death Priestx (gender-neutral term) is the one who tends the threshold of transition. In this liminal space, they help the living navigate death, and assist the dead to share their wisdom with the living. 

  • Sept 12: Weaving our Circle, Group Agreements, Tools for Grounding & Warding.  Deities of the Week: Thanatos and Hypnos (Greek)
  • Sept 26: What is the Good Death?  How does this concept apply to magic & social justice work?  Deities of the week:  Makaria and Melinoe (Greek)
  • Oct 10: Cemetery Magic and Psychopomp Myth & Lore.  Folklore of the week:  The Crane as Psychopomp (spans several cultures)
  • Oct 24: Food Traditions & Animism.  Deity of the week:  Gwyn ap Nudd (Welsh)
  • Nov 7: Hospice Work & Traditional Herbal Allies for Death Magic.  Deity of the week:  Branwen and the Cauldron of Death/Rebirth (Welsh)
  • Nov 21: Realms of the Dead & Wisdom of the Ancestors.  Deities of the Week: Hel & Hades (Norse & Greek)
  • Dec 5: Culminating Ritual, Reflections & Takeaways

Class sessions are every other Monday from 6-9pm EST.

Weekly format for Zoom sessions:

  • 6:00-6:15pm: Welcome & Land Acknowledgment
  • 6:15-7:20pm: Teaching topic for the evening, including practical exercises and discussion
  • 7:20-7:30pm: Comfort break
  • 7:30-8:00pm: Small group breakout discussions
  • 8:00-8:45pm: Engaged activity such as learning songs, group divination, energetic techniques, magical crafting etc.
  • 8:45-9pm: Closing thoughts. Sharing of journal prompts and magical homework.

Tuition & Logistics

Our desire is to make these modules sustainable and accessible, so we've designed a sliding scale to help fit costs into your budget. If Way of the Weaver calls to you, please let us know what else you need to make your participation possible. There are also scholarships available for BIPOC applicants, youth, and elders (see below). What your tuition includes:

  • Instruction from Jamie and Murphy at seven 3-hour online learning sessions, held via the Zoom platform, every other Monday evening for three months.
  • Supplemental reading materials for our online learning sessions.
  • Journal prompts and self-directed assignments to support your learning process between meetings.
  • One special Weaver "snail mail" care package per module: this might include herbs, handcrafted artwork, and/or miscellaneous magical curiosities themed to the work. We love the USPS and pray for its continued operation!
  • Video and audio recordings of our online sessions. (Personal check-ins, sharing time in breakout groups, and circle-cast rituals will not be included in the recordings).

Our Sliding Scale
The following income guidelines can help you select what part of the sliding scale you fall into. Please note that upon enrolling in a module(s), you are agreeing to pay the entire cost of the module(s), regardless of your ability to attend each meeting. If the sliding scale is not financially accessible to you, please see the special rates below. This is the price for each individual 3-month module (not for the whole series).

Total Household Income/Program Cost:

  • $15,000 or less: $245
  • $15,000-$20,000: $270
  • $20,000-$25,000: $295
  • $25,000-$30,000: $320
  • $30,000-$35,000: $350
  • $35,000-$50,000: $385
  • $50,000-$75,000: $425
  • $75,000-$100,000: $465
  • Over $100,000: $465 and consider donating a partial or full scholarship to a participant in need

Special Rates

  • Financial Hardship: $99
    If your income is limited, fixed, inadequate, or unpredictable.
  • BIPOC Reparations Scholarships: $0
    If you identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color, we have scholarships available to cover your tuition. We offer these scholarships in the spirit of reparations, and in acknowledgement of the inevitable emotional labor inherent in participating in predominantly white spaces.
  • Pay It Forward Commitment: $0
    Make a pledge about specific work you will do to help others as a way of paying it forward in exchange for this course. For example: volunteer 10 hours at a food bank, housing assistance program, helping an elderly neighbor with basic needs, etc. Use your creativity and engage your gifts!
  • Teaching Assistants: $0
    Graduates of our 9-month Way of the Weaver Foundation Year, or those who have completed 3+ online modules, can apply to be "Web Tender" teaching assistants. Web Tenders attend courses for free, help tend the group learning, and foster continuity of Weaver culture.

We do not offer refunds, but if you decide to permanently leave a module for any reason you will be issued a prorated credit based on how many weeks of the module you've already completed. This credit is good for any future classes with Murphy at Mountainsong Expeditions or for Jamie Waggoner's other programs.

How to Apply

Please fill out this Online Application Form.

Jamie or Murphy will follow up with you by email within a few days. Thank you so much for your interest in the Way of the Weaver! Blessed be.