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NOTE: Don't follow GPS. Follow the directions below. 

If you need to be in touch with us at the last minute, you can try calling or texting 802-223-8600. Please be aware that north of Montpelier there is generally zero cell service for any carrier.


Directions from Montpelier, VT


Summer & Fall Directions: 

  1. Take Route 12 North out of Montpelier. Drive about 10.5 miles, through Worcester Village and beyond.
  2. Turn left on Hancock Brook Road, just before a red house, and drive 1 mile to #99 on the left. This is a Class 4 Road, which means it barricaded during snow season and spring mud season.
  3. Turn left into our driveway (marked "99" with a triangular orange sign), drive over the brook on our little bridge, and drive up towards the green and purple Tiny House.
  4. Park tightly in the parking area to leave room for others.


Winter & Spring Directions: 

These directions are for whenever snow is present and during mud season

  1. Take Route 12 North out of Montpelier. Drive about 8.5 miles to Worcester Village, passing the gas station and the fire station.
  2. Turn Left on Minister Brook Road and drive 1.4 miles.
  3. After 1.4 miles, when Minister Brook Road turns into a dirt road, take a right on Hampshire Hill Road (up a steep hill).
  4. Continue 2.2 miles on Hampshire Hill Road to Upper Hancock Brook Road on the right. You will see our black mailbox (#99) at the intersection, as well as a road sign. Turn right and proceed 0.4 miles to the first driveway on the right, marked by a triangular orange sign that says #99.


Our Address

We are serious about not following your GPS, but here is our mailing and physical address in case you need it for other uses:

Mountainsong Expeditions
99 Upper Hancock Brook Rd
Worcester, VT 05682


A Note About Pets:

Please DO NOT bring any pets with you unless you've discussed it with us beforehand.

Your pet needs to a) not create a distraction during classes, b) not fight with our three dogs, c) not chase or harass wildlife, and d) not harass our nine goats and ten chickens.

Please come prepared to either to leash your pet or have a humane system for keeping them in the car.