Way of the Weaver is a unique program of magical study and community building. Our learning modules, immersion programs, and circles embrace adults of all backgrounds and genders who are ready to learn a powerful skill set for spiritual transformation and growth. This training is rooted in the values of service, inclusive community, critical analysis of the oppressions that bewitch our society (capitalism, colonialism, racism, etc.), and deep respect for ancestral spiritual traditions from around the world.

We are the Flow, We are the Ebb
We are the Weavers, We are the Web

~ Chant by Shekinah Mountainwater

We believe that you are your own spiritual authority, and that by learning ritual skills and sacred technologies together in a space with clear boundaries and ethics, we can build our capacity and tap into our collective power for change. Way of the Weaver dismisses secrecy and exclusion. This is an open-source skill set with which to develop and/or deepen your own practice based on your background, callings, and ancestry. 


What is a Weaver?

Depending on tradition, those who walk the path of the Weaver are sometimes called priestess, priest, or priestx, or perhaps witch, wiseone, or shaper: the Weaver is one who is wise in the ways of mending that which is torn, calling forth that which feeds our growth, and creating and holding space for transformation.

To walk as a Weaver is to put yourself in service of balance and growth in the midst of our ever-changing world:

  • First, you will be in service to yourself: exploring that which is sovereign within you, tending your powers of resilience, learning to understand your shadow, and deepening your own well of joy and connection.
  • Second, you will be in service to your community: those near and dear to your heart, your chosen families, the places where you live, and the wider world.
  • Third, you will be in service to that which is greater: the Gods, the Spirits, the Unseen Ones that speak to your spirit.

The Way of the Weaver is for you if:

  • You want the inspiration, companionship, accountability, and fun of a group learning experience to develop daily spiritual practices and ritual facilitation skills.
  • You have some familiarity with aspects of modern pagan or animist practices, OR you are new to this but excited to jump into one of these courses, and ready to do some extra background reading for context.
  • You are excited to learn from two experienced European-American Weavers who have researched their own spiritual heritage, developed a nuanced analysis of how to avoid cultural appropriation, are seeking ways to dismantle white supremacy and colonizer culture in life and magic, and tithe a percentage of the income from this program to BIPOC initiatives.
  • You are comfortable learning and growing in a space where all genders are welcome and we practice anti-racist and feminist values such as consent, inclusion, and equity in all our work. You are ready to communicate your needs and learn new habits that will make our space feel safer for all (such as using people's correct pronouns and unlearning racist phrases and expressions).
  • You have internet access that will allow you to attend our learning sessions over the Zoom conference platform (you can also attend remote sessions by phone) and participate in group chat over the Signal app.  You can run signal on a smartphone, or install it on a computer. To activate a signal account on a computer requires access to a device that can read a QR code, such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • You are 18+ years of age.
  • You are happy to maintain a sober space during our in-person and online work together.

About the Instructors

Murphy Robinson


Murphy Robinson is a magic-weaver, wilderness guide, activist, and a student of the sacred hunt. They have been casting circles since they were sixteen years old, and have taught both magic and wilderness skills across the US, and occasionally in Europe. They specialize in trance journeying, the Norse runes, archery as a magical practice, and meaningful rituals to honor the animals and plants who die to feed us. Their work often serves The Huntress and The Lord of the Dead. As a queer transmasculine priestx, they explore healthy and healing ways to reclaim the sacred masculine. Murphy's spiritual development has been influenced by the work of Starhawk and the Reclaiming Tradition, Diana Paxson's work with runes and seidh, and Lyla June's writings on indigenous European ancestors. Murphy lives on the side of a mountain in the heart of Western Abenaki Territory (so-called Vermont).

Jamie Waggoner


Jamie Waggoner is a modern-day priestess, author and folk witch. She's passionate about folk magic, mythology, oracular traditions, trance arts and liminal rites. She believes that magic is real, present all around us, and a profound tool for justice and transformation. Jamie trained as a priestess with the Sisterhood of Avalon for thirteen years, and now leads independent workshops and rituals across the United States. Lately Jamie has been greatly influenced by the principles of nonviolent resistance as taught by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the radical Death Positive movement. Some of her other spiritual influences include mythologists Drs. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Sharon Blackie, and Gwilym Morus-Baird, as well as the poetry of Mary Oliver, the tarot teachings of Rachel Pollack, and the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe. Jamie lives in so-called Alabama, ancestral homeland of the Muskogee people.  Learn more about Jamie at www.jamiewaggoner.com


The Foundation Year

  • A 9-month journey in magical skill-building
  • Four in-person retreat weekends in Vermont build deep community and explore advanced skillsets
  • Nine 3-hour Zoom sessions expand learning and connection
  • Sliding scale, payment plans, and BIPOC reparations scholarships available
  • Begins in November 2022, as the veils grow thin...

Online Learning Modules

  • 3-month Zoom-based classes you can take from anywhere
  • In fall 2022 we are offering the Death Priestxing module, and in winter 2023 we are offering a new Radical Devotion module.
  • Past module topics include Spellwork Laboratory and Divination for Liberation
  • Take whichever modules interest you, there are no pre-requisites (you don't have to take the Foundation Year first)
  • Sliding Scale payment and BIPOC reparations scholarships available
Way of the Weaver Foundation Year
Death Priestxing Online Module
Radical Devotion Online Module

Want to get to know us and see how we teach?

Here's a free webinar that Jamie and Murphy taught in August 2021:
"Weaving Anti-Capitalist Futurism: Attraction Spells without the Bougie Bullshit"


Here's what people are saying...

"Everything was great. Radical acceptance. Spaciousness. Jamie and Murphy are extremely skilled and knowledgeable teachers."

 ~ Karen "River" Bixler,
Weaver from Vermont

"Jamie and Murphy are truly inspiring and socially aware community builders."

~ Izzy Swanson, Weaver and Guest Teacher from Texas