6 Weeks To Confident & Connected Deer Hunting

Connect to nature's deepest wisdom through mindful hunting. Become part of the cycle of life.

Start your hunting journey with confidence: we've got all the information you need to hunt ethically and safely. 

This course is designed specifically with the needs of female, trans, queer, and non-binary hunters in mind. 


The Call of the Hunt

In just six weeks, this course will walk you through the core skills and principles of ethical & spiritually-grounded hunting.  Answer the call of the hunt with confidence and connection.



“Murphy holds a beautiful container with a calm and steadfast attitude. 
The curriculum filled all of the gaps that left me more confused than before taking the state Hunter’s Ed class.” 


“I appreciated the acknowledgment of newness and possible mixed feelings while approaching the hunt.
I really like Murphy's down-to-earth style of teaching, which came across well in the videos.” 


“Murphy created a holistic container for diving deeply into the question, ‘Am I called to hunt?’  
The gravity of the choice to hunt, and the possibility of me actually hunting, have both come into sharper focus.” 



This six-week course will teach you all the skills you need to know to hunt whitetailed deer with technical confidence and spiritual connection. You'll get two lessons per week on hunting skills, each containing a series of short, digestible videos explaining everything step-by-step.

My hunting classes usually cost $325-$1600. This course distills everything I teach into twelve digestible lessons, and costs only $95. 

You'll have access whenever you want and you can take it from anywhere in the world.  You can watch the video lessons on your computer, or download the Kajabi App to watch on your smartphone. 

There is a BIPOC Reparations Scholarship available (details on checkout page).


Hunt with Connection

You can approach hunting in a way that is rooted in connection, reciprocity, and respect -- not in domination. Your hunt can be integrated into your spiritual practice (whatever that may be) or be the start of a new road to spiritual connection. 

This is the hunting course I wish I'd had when I began hunting as a 28-year-old lifelong vegetarian. I'll translate all the hunting jargon and speak with deep respect for our prey at all times.


Hunt with Confidence

The course walks you through everything you need to know to keep your hunt legal, safe, ethical, and comfortable. 

I'll demystify hunting equipment and show you the most affordable options.  I'll explain the real differences between bowhunting and firearms hunting, and help you make a plan to meet your hunting goals.


Hunt in Good Company

This hunting skills journey is designed for hunters of marginalized genders: women, non-binary people, trans folks, queer hunters, etc. You are not alone, and our private community forum allows you to connect with other hunters like you.

I'm a queer transmasculine hunter who was assigned female at birth, so I'm very familiar with navigating the hunting world from a variety of identities. 

Let me invite you into hunting without all the gendered gatekeeping: you won't get talked-down-to here!


 “Lots of good information, transmitted clearly and usually concisely.


I was taking it just for entertainments sake with no intention of ever hunting again BUT Murphy elaborated on so many of the mysteries of hunting that perhaps Ill outfit myself, once again, and give it a go.


Excellent course with the many hours of preparation showing in the most positive ways.” 

—Martha McPheeters, Outward Bound Instructor, Minnesota

Start Learning Today! 


“My friend just harvested a couple deer. They leaned heavily on your videos for butchering and were super grateful. They were gushing about how amazing of a resource you made.

I’m going to sign up today and check it out!” 

—Jackie Stratton, Registered Maine Guide, Maine


Murphy Robinson


Murphy Robinson is the founder of Mountainsong Expeditions and has been working in outdoor leadership since 2005.

Murphy was raised vegetarian, but felt a spiritual calling to the initiation of the hunt.  They learned to hunt in 2010, and have been hunting ever since.  Along the way, the have taught hunting skills to hundreds of students and guided many new hunters through the initiation of their first hunt.


This comprehensive online course has over 80 short digestible videos on the core technical and spiritual skills of hunting. Here's the syllabus for this unique six-week class. 


Setting Intentions:

  • Why are you called to the hunt?
  • The Huntress Archetype: Artemis, Skadhi, and Elen
  • Hunting for marginalized genders
  • How to get the most out of this course

Make your Hunt Legal (in North America):

  • Hunter’s Safety, Bowhunter Safety, and Crossbow Safety classes
  • Buying your license
  • Access to hunting land


Hunting With Firearms:

  • Rifle vs. Shotgun: which is better for your hunt? 
  • A note on muzzleloaders 
  • How to pick a gun 
  • How to pick ammunition 
  • Budget hunting gear: hunt for $500 or less (PDF)
  • Sights & Scopes for your gun 
  • Shooting your rifle step-by-step 
  • How to store & transport your gun safely 
  • How to clean your gun 
  • Sighting in your gun 
  • Marksmanship practice with a gun


  • So you want to bowhunt: important things to consider
  • Intro to traditional hunting bows 
  • Intro to compound hunting bows 
  • Intro to crossbows 
  • All about arrows (& where to order them)
  • Arrow points: Field tips, broadheads, small game heads
  • Setting up a home archery range
  • Basic archery form
  • Marksmanship practice with a bow or crossbow 


Your Hunting Daypack:

  • Picking a backpack
  • Essential safety gear
  • What to sit on
  • Communication: mobile phone vs. satellite communicator
  • Map & Compass versus GPS
  • Packing your “I just shot a deer!” kit
  • Food for your pack

Dressing for the Hunt:

  • Always wear blaze orange
  • The Importance of Warm Toes!
  • Dressing in Layers
  • Camo or no camo?


Finding Deer:  

  • Habitat & food sources
  • Hunting the Rut
  • Stands, stalking, and tracking
  • Types of tree stands 
  • Trim your shooting lanes
  • Deer calls
  • Understanding antler & point restrictions
  • Ethics spotlight: a doe with fawns

Emotional & Spiritual Preparation:

  • The power of community
  • What is a Sacred Hunt?
  • The Huntress Prayer
  • Building an altar for your hunt
  • Making an offering to the land
  • Grounding your energy
  • Spiritual allies


Making your Harvest:

  • What is a safe shot?
  • Target identification steps
  • Common rifle mistakes
  • Following a blood trail
  • Tagging your deer
  • Songs & Offerings to honor your deer
  • Tasteful photographs: ideas for portraying the respect and wonder of the hunt

Bringing Home the Venison:

  • Dragging your deer out of the woods: how to make it easier!
  • Gutting your deer
  • Reporting your deer
  • Hanging your deer
  • Knives & sharpeners for processing meat
  • How to sharpen your knife
  • Skinning your deer
  • Quartering your deer
  • Cutting, Grinding, and storing your meat
  • Making Jerky
  • Mounts & hides


Emotional and Spiritual Integration:

  • Saying grace
  • Sharing your hunting story
  • Emotional highs & lows
  • When hunts don’t go well
  • Journey to meet the spirit of your deer
  • Giving back & living well

Where to Find More Support:

  • Finding a Mentor
  • In-Person hunting skills classes
  • Guided Hunts
  • Recommended Reading

Hunting with Heart


for a six-week online course

  • Over 80 short videos that you can watch at your own pace
  • Reflections on the spiritual and emotional journey of hunting
  • A special download on how to get all the gear you need for your first hunt for under $500!


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