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A 7-day deer hunting camp for queer, non-binary, trans, and female hunters.  Together we will hunt in a spiritually-grounded, heart-centered manner.

Are you ready for the initiation of hunting your first deer?  We guide you through every step of the experience, from preparing a firearm (or bow) to butchering the meat yourself.

This program is designed especially for first-time hunters and anyone who wants the camaraderie of an emotionally aware and ethical hunting community. 

Answer The Call Of The Sacred Hunt.

A hunting camp for marginalized genders. Experience the initiation of your first hunt surrounded by supportive community.


“This program is really unique! Queer/trans-friendly, wealth of knowledge/teaching skills from Murphy, in tandem with a high level of respect for the deer.” 


“I really enjoyed the community we have formed over the last week. It really feels like family! Every single person that has been involved has made this a great experience!” 


“What was great? The food. The peeps. The lodgings. The ritual. Everything.” 



  • We will set up a rustic hunting camp in the Mid-Atlantic.  We choose venues where the deer are overpopulated, so our hunt enhances the health of the herd.
  • We will open the week by building an altar to the Deer Spirit and spiritually inviting in our prey.  We will close the week with a ritual of thanks for all we have learned.
  • This hunting camp is for marginalized genders (women, trans people, queer people, and non-binary folks).  Participants must be over 18.
  • We can provide a hunting rifle, or you can bring your own.  You are welcome to hunt with a bow or crossbow if you can demonstrate consistent aim with a hunting-weight bow.
  • Our camp cook will keep us nourished with delicious hot meals!
  • You will hunt at least once a day (morning or evening), with a guide by your side.  We usually hunt from tree stands or ground stands.  You'll need very warm clothing and warm boots.
  • We will all dress, skin, and butcher our own deer, with instruction from the guides and help from the other hunters.
  • Your deer hide and deer skull are yours to keep.  At the end of the week, we divide all the meat between everyone who participated in the hunt, since everyone helped and contributed value to the experience.


Where is it?

We hold these hunts on organic farms & woodland properties in the Mid-Atlantic, where it is legal and ethical to shoot deer of any age or sex.

Our kitchen and warm community space are rustic and simple (yurts, farm sheds, woodland cabins). 

 Be prepared to bring your own tent and sleeping bag for nighttime accommodation. 

We will announce the location of this year's hunt once we know it.  Past hunts have been in Northern Virginia and North Carolina.


When is it?

We usually hold this hunt in early December a week and a half after Thanksgiving.  This will be slightly post-rut, but we still have good success rates.


How much is it?

$1600 covers your food, a hunting guide, access to our hunting grounds, and the use of a hunting rifle and ammunition (unless you'd rather bring your own hunting tool).

In addition, you must cover the cost of your hunting license, travel to the location, and your own camping gear (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent), warm clothing & boots, and a cooler for transporting meat home.


Our Covid Policy

  • Stay home if you are sick or have been directly exposed
  • Get a PCR test for Covid within 5 days of the start of the program.   If you have recently had Covid and recovered, contact us to review the details.
  • We will pod up for this week, sharing indoor space without requiring masks.  
  • For maximum safety as we share close indoor spaces, up-to-date vaccination for Covid is required for this program.  If you have a severe medical contraindication, you may provide a note from a licensed medical doctor instead.
Registration will open soon—send us your email if you want to get a personal notification right before enrollment opens!

“If you want to learn to hunt in a space that's grounded in spirit, learn with Murphy! They are experienced, knowledgeable, patient, and you will come away feeling comfortable hunting on your own.

Murphy also helps you navigate the legal and license requirements needed for hunting and processing your meat. 

—Rae, Huntress Expedition Student

Join us...

Registration will open soon—send us your email if you want to get a personal notification right before enrollment opens!


“Murphy is an amazing mentor with so much knowledge and experience to share. They are respectful and intentional in seemingly everything they do and always were responsive to my pestering questions.


It was really nice to also have someone who is very spiritually/emotionally literate because I think being introduced to certain concepts, such as spiritual consent, made the hunt much more manageable and fulfilling. 

—Olivia, Huntress Expedition Student


Murphy Robinson


Murphy Robinson is the founder of Mountainsong Expeditions and has been working in outdoor leadership since 2005.

Murphy was raised vegetarian, but felt a spiritual calling to the initiation of the hunt.  They learned to hunt in 2010, and have been hunting ever since.  Along the way, the have taught hunting skills to hundreds of students and guided many new hunters through the initiation of their first hunt.

Huntress Expedition


for one-week trip

  • Hunt in supportive community
  • Mentors guide every step of the process
  • Together we honor the spiritual and emotional experience of your first hunt


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