Gather, Share & Learn on the Mountainside


Summer Transmasc Camp:

July 11-14, 2024


Trans Camp:

August 8-11, 2024

(all trans/enby identities)


Fall Transmasc Camp:

Sept 12-15, 2024 


“Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, yes, and yes 100 times over!
This program was so impactful, and I feel like I am leaving with an improved sense of self and love.” 


“You will be dirty.
But you will be happy and feel safe and seen and welcome and nourished.” 


“All trans/enby identitieseven those that are shifting and in progressare welcome!
If you read the info and feel like you should be there, you probably should. The community holds everyone.” 




When: Dates at top of page. Opening circle at noon on Thursday, closing circle at noon on Sunday.

Where: Deep in the forests of Worcester, Vermont.

What: Four days of fun workshops, relaxing outdoors, and discussions about trans identity and culture. The workshop schedule will be developed after registration closes, with opportunities for each participant to submit a workshop proposal.  Here's the activity schedule for the July 2022 camp to give you an example of what we do: CLICK HERE.  All activities are optional and you can leave or join a workshop at any time.

Food: We serve three hot meals a day, cooked with love by our amazing cooks.  First meal is dinner on Thursday, last meal is breakfast on Sunday. The menu can accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

Sleeping: Bring your own tent and sleeping bag to camp in the forest.

Hanging out: Enjoy our open-air tarp shelters, fire circles, woodland glades, refreshing brook, and nearby mountain trails.

Sanitation: Poop in the wilderness toilet, pee in the woods, and wash your hands often at our outdoor sink.  There are no showers, but you can jump in the brook.

Pets: Please leave your pets at home. This land is already home to 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 3 chickens, so adding more critters brings too much chaos.

Substances: We aim to strike a balance between safe space for sober people and accommodating those who use medicinal substances such as cannabis for personal wellness.  Discreet medicinal personal substance use is allowed.  Please smoke only in the designated smoker's area.

Cost: Sliding scale $175-575. 

Our BIPOC Reparations rate is $10.



  • Stay home if you are sick or have been directly exposed to someone with Covid
  • The program is 100% outdoors (dress for the weather!)
  • Masks are optional unless you develop respiratory symptoms, in which case we will ask you to mask.  
  • Please get a covid test 1-3 days prior to the gathering. A rapid antigen test is fine. Stay home if your test is positive.

Transmasc Camp brought together such a beautiful diversity of experience and identities. The space was very welcoming of folx across the trans masc spectrum.

Camp felt very relaxed with just enough structure and fun programming with zero pressure. 

Highly recommend! 

—Big T, Transmasc Camper

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“I had the space to be myself, in nature, for a whole weekend. To be surrounded by fellow transmascs who were wonderful.

I felt loved, accepted and appreciated, not just in my queerness but also in my neurodivergence. The camp was also very accommodating disability and limitations-wise, which was very important to me.

I can’t wait to come back.” 

—Anon, Transmasc Camper


Murphy Robinson

Murphy Robinson (he or they) is a queer transman who teaches archery, hunting, and survival skills for marginalized genders.

Murphy has been a Wilderness First Responder since 2006 and a Street Medic since 2010. He loves hiking with his dog Clyde,  growing his own food, and researching queer and trans references in medieval norse poetry.

Roles: Organizer, First Aid

Erin O'Connell

Erin O'Connell (ne/nim/nirs) identifies as transgenderqueer.

Ne powerlifted in college pre-transition, started doing what's formerly known as CrossFit, finished a Spartan Beast, and decided to switch to kettlebells and maces. Ne is a certified personal trainer through ISSA and holds a KIPS mace certification.

Ne enjoys wooing street cats with slow blinks, cold water plunges, and building raging fires in nirs Solostove.

Roles: Organizer

Hunter Kirschner

Hunter Kirschner (he/him) is a queer and trans educator, community builder, and advocate for LGBTQ+ students at Keene State College in Keene, NH. He loves celebrating the miracle that is queer and trans people, learning how to play the drums, leading LGBTQ+ community hikes, and playing games with his spouse (board or card, not mental or emotional).

Roles: Organizer

Tam Willey

Tam Willey (they/them), affectionately known as Big T, is a guide, trainer, mentor, and teacher at the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and founder of Toadstool Walks in Boston, Massachusetts. Tam is passionate about the ways that forest therapy can broaden perspectives and build our collective empathy and compassion. Tam wears many hats: handy person, skateboarder, musician, artist, mentor, and LGBTQ advocate.

Roles: Organizer

Vermont Transmasc Camp


for four-day camp

  • Connect to other  transmasc folks
  • Play in the woods 
  • Learn badass skills


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